Healthy employees may help their companies

by: Nichole Gunn March 16, 2010

A disturbing statistic was revealed in a recent study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics - that 34 percent of Americans are classified as obese. Fortunately, many employers are realizing the potential benefits of having a healthy staff and are encouraging their employees to lose weight and adopt healthier exercise and eating habits.

People committed to a fitness regimen typically have much higher energy levels than those who do no exercise regularly – and studies show that this extra energy also makes them more productive on the job. Being dedicated to workout schedules and setting personal goals follows closely with employees who are more likely to be committed to punctuality and staying focused on the job.  And it’s a know fact that a healthy diet along with an exercise regimen provide for better rest, less stress and higher performance.


Forward thinking business strategies (and ROI) are apparent when companies begin offering fitness or wellness programs as standard employee benefits - company leadership is investing in the double benefit of reduced health costs and higher worker productivity.  More progressive employers are even including incentives to encourage higher wellness program utilization and reward individual health-goal attainment.

As well-designed employee health and wellness programs continue to produce positive results for both employees and the sponsoring companies sponsoring them, they create a "healthy" example for other organizations to follow.