The Beacon Hotel rewards employees with mini laptops

by: Nichole Gunn April 13, 2010

Making improvements to better satisfy their employees, The Beacon Hotel in Miami Beach Florida have customized its current “Employee of the Month” reward and recognition program for 2010. The hotel announced just last week that it will now provide each monthly winner with a brand new mini-laptop.

General Manager Elvis Taylor states, “We know that the satisfaction of our guests depends on the collective efforts of our staff and that is why we want to reward their dedication.” Taylor believes that providing a mini-laptop will positively impact the learning and personal growth opportunities for employees who do not currently own PCs.

A free mini-laptop is just one of the many ways in which the hotel plans to improve and execute its human resources strategy for 2010. The Beacon Hotel will also include a new training center for employees, as well as a variety of rewards for the employees who complete 100 hours of training in various areas.

“Our goal is that at the end of the year each one of our team members will have grown personally and professionally and will be able to perform his/her job at a higher level”, General Manager Elvis Taylor concludes.

When employees are rewarded for their hard work, customers are rewarded with exquisite service, and therefore businesses are rewarded with customer loyalty. With an Employee Reward Programs, such as the program The Beacon Hotel offers, everyone is happy.

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