Times are tough – but finding ways to reward employees doesn’t have to be

by: Nichole Gunn April 20, 2010

Budgets are tight and spirits as low as ever. So it should come as no surprise that during this economic crisis it can be extremely difficult for businesses to find ways to motivate their employees without overspending.

A recent article from Baseline could have the answers what many corporations are looking for. And the answers are much simpler than you would think, with rewards that could cost your company next to nothing!

After polling employees from more than 500 companies about ways in which employers can boost morale without overstretching their budget, Jonathan Rapoport, author of the article “Improving Morale on a Budget”, has found that monetary rewards are not the source of happiness. Instead, employees are “are often looking for the simple niceties that bring fun, energy, and respect into the workplace.”

In his article Rapaprt provides a list of simple niceties, all suggested by employees, that will reward and motivate employees, including emailed trivia questions or board games with inexpensive prizes up for grabs. Employees could also be rewarded by earning days or half-days off for a job well done, or for receiving praise from peers.

Founder of GreatWorkPerks.com, a free employee-discount program based in Santa Monica, California, Rapoport believes that, “incorporating a variety of employee programs and perks like these can be easy and inexpensive. But the most effective and desirable morale booster might be as simple as “expressing your respect and appreciation for your employees often and sincerely”.

The ‘little things’ that are too often taken for granted and forgotten could ultimately lead to big changes in the workplace. Such changes could lift a company out of the dark hole that this recession has put them in. Free of charge.

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