Tracking performance can make you an effective boss

by: Nichole Gunn April 20, 2010

“Whether you call yourself Boss, Manager, Director, Leader, Head Honcho, or the Big Cheese, all members of your team are relying on you to guide them in the workplace.” writes Carrie Hensel of

Even though the title ‘boss’ carries tremendous responsibility, it also has a  negative connotation. The majority of people have at one point in their career had a boss who was ill-tempered, or a micro-manager constantly criticizing and telling employees how to do their jobs correctly.

But being an effective boss doesn’t necessarily mean that your employees resent you. On the contrary, you employees should look up to you and respect you as a leader.

Carrie Hensel provides five simple tips on how bosses can become great bosses while at the same time building teams of high performers.

In order to be an effective boss and make a positive impact, she suggests, as boss, you should track expectations, measurements and performances of employees - “when employees perform well, give them specific praise and reward their success.” Doing so will ultimately motivate employees to work just as hard, if not harder, in the future.

Hensel concludes that when you realize that “It’s OK to be the boss” and become a strong hands-on manager, “you become a magnet for high performers.” Ultimately employees will come to work with a more positive attitude and more eager to work for you - taking more pride in their work.

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