Soccer Distracts Workers and Causes Computer Chaos

by: Nichole Gunn June 4, 2010

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in history that some die-hard Cup fans just aren’t willing to miss out on, even if that means having to catch every minute of the action on a computer at work. As the hype for the 2010 FIFA World Cup swells, so do some serious concerns throughout companies around the globe--will the World Cup affect employee productivity?

HR Management discusses the impact of the World Cup on productivity and IT resources.

The article states that in the football-loving country of UK, 54 percent of employees plan on tuning into football games on their work computers, while 58 percent of employers haven’t thought of the impact that could have on their systems.

The fear is that such a vast number of employees all tuning in to watch games at the same time could ultimately cause a serious overload to the servers, and create great unnecessary “computer chaos”.

HR Management claims that a “some-what naive” 37 percent of employees stated that tuning into the games would not affect their productivity, while a quarter thought there would be no impact on the servers and speed of applications if all employees watched the games online.

A survey conducted by Eclipse (an internet service provider for small businesses and home users) proves the opposite, however. Speaking to Sky News, Eclipse’s Clodagh Murphy concluded that, “Streamed content uses a lot of bandwidth and this could seriously impact the performance of their business internet connection--it could take much longer to download important files or use business-critical applications such as e-commerce sites, email or online backup-It might even lead to office computer systems crashing.”

Instead of looking for employees who are tuning into the games, and blocking all streaming website, managers should embrace the World Cup as an opportunity to reward employees for productivity with game-watching time. And even though football fans believe their productivity won’t be affected, it most likely will, after all the FIFA World Cup happens once in four years.

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