Gigabyte Technology announces an “attractive scheme”

by: Nichole Gunn June 4, 2010

Gigabyte Summer Sensation is the title of Gigabyte Technology’s latest version of its already popular Gigabyte Channel Incentive Program. ChannelTimes writes that, “The intentions of the program are to increase brand traction in the channel during the promising peak summer buying season.”

The website notes that the Gigabyte Summer Sensation program is only made available to the company’s registered partners and is designed to reward those reseller partners who have proven to be the most loyal and who have shown excellent sales performance over the quarter.

General Manager of Gigabyte India, Rajan Sharma, has high hopes for the corporation’s new appealing ‘scheme’. Sharma anticipates that the program will help expand the present base of registered motherboard reseller partners.

The new version of this channel incentive program will be effective from April 1- June 30, 2010. ChannelTimes also reports that the fifth consecutive channel program of this type is open to all company resellers who purchase motherboards from authorized gigabyte distributors in India.

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