MRWED recognized for its new online reward program

by: Nichole Gunn July 14, 2010

MRWED prides itself in being the expert in the “delivery of Trainer training”. Having provided training to more than 13,000 people during MRWED is Australia’s leading provider of Trainer training.

As a leader MRWED continues to look for ways to maintain that status. Reward programs are an important part of the company’s culture. According to MRWED’s CEO Marc Ratcliffe reward programs are not just about financial compensation. “A workplace needs to be an enjoyable, enriching and energetic environment in order to foster long-term employee loyalty and productivity,” says Ratcliffe.

There must be some effective truth behind the goals and motives which Marc Ratcliffe has set out for his company--because just recently Australia’s MRWED earned the title of one of the best places to work in the country for the second consecutive year. The company is convinced that this year it was their new customized online rewards program that helped them score 15th place on BRW’s annual Best Places to Work list.

Ratcliffe strongly believes that online reward programs have the powerful ability to make employees feel more “connected and engaged”. His online point based rewards program awards staff with points when they achieve set goals, going above and beyond MRWED’s outstanding expectations. Points earned can later be used for time off, free gifts and/or experiences. These types of workplace benefits play a key role in producing greater employee satisfaction.

The company has also recently introduced an in-house social network aimed at communicating the daily operations to employees.

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