Employee rewards go hand in hand with effective management

by: Nichole Gunn July 20, 2010

For any business to run smoothly a solid management team is crucial. Unfortunately numerous companies continue to develop management training programs that, according to Fort Worth Business Press writer Michael Hutchison - fail to incorporate employee rewards to essentially cultivate the most effective results.

Acknowledging employees for going above and beyond demonstrates that a company values good work ethic. Hutchison believes that understanding the concept of employee rewards is of utmost importance as it directly affects business. Employee reward programs show appreciation to employees and thus motivate them to continue their hard work.

Monitoring and rewarding employees for their performance, activity as well as results,  should be an ongoing process companies need to train their management in.

Highly motivated employees who are rewarded will set an example and inspire other employees. Employee rewards go beyond motivation, they have a strong impact on employee retention.  This year employee turnover increased in the first quarter, which was directly proportional to a rise in payroll employment, a recent BNA study has revealed.

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