Safety incentive program causes a dramatic drop in accidents by 48.5 percent

by: Nichole Gunn August 3, 2010

The Canadian trucking firm Yanke Group has seen tremendous results after creating the company’s Be the One safety incentive program and rewarding its safest workers for being overly precautious on the job.

Yankee Group’s incentive program heightens safety awareness. The company is able to educate its workers on how to avoid dangerous situations, as well as provide the workers with various safety tips and mechanisms by hosting different safety seminars and presentations. In just one year the company has seen a dramatic drop in accidents by 48.5 percent.

The Yankee Group safety incentive program instills higher expectations for its workers. Those who are able to reach, those set high expectations are acknowledged and praised. Just last week a driver for the trucking firm was given a brand new 2010 pickup truck.  Because of their strong commitment to safety, the Yankee Group was recently named one of the Truckload Carriers’ Association’s Best Fleets to Drive For.

Incentives such as these create employee recognition; this recognizes employees for doing a superior job, and rewards them for their outstanding effort. Safety incentive programs are powerful and can consistently motivate employees to exceed a company’s goals and set expectations.