Time off as an employee incentive

by: Nichole Gunn August 4, 2010

Workers are currently less engaged in their workplaces, and this can be seen in response to the harsh economic changes that have so drastically affected businesses across the nation. So, Entrepreneur magazine asks, “How do you get employees engaged in unsettled times?”

Out of the four solutions listed in the report, Recognizing and Rewarding Good Work is one of the most important ways to reel your workers back into the job that they were - once upon a time - so eager to begin. Creating an employee incentive program could, overall, engage employees, and potentially boost employee morale.

For example, the Tennessee-based company HometownQuotes has taken note of the positive results that can be driven by effective employee incentive programs. Therefore, the company has created a program that’s one of its own; The Q Point Program rewards employees with paid time off. Since the launch of the program, 13 of 24 HometownQuotes employees have earned time off, and needless to say, spirits in the workplace have been lifted.

In addition to the Q Point Program, HometownQuotes has introduced  other policies in the efforts of creating a more friendly environment. Last year the company started its Babies at Work program, allowing  parents to bring their newborn child to work until the baby is mobile or six months old.

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