2010 Incentive Sales IQ Survey highlights positive trends in incentives industry

by: Nichole Gunn August 10, 2010

Regardless of the blows the incentive and reward industry has endured due to the anti-incentive sentiment, sales managers continue to put their faith into sales incentive programs and strongly believe that they are the key component in boosting employee morale, customer satisfaction, and overall sales. The industry, according to Incentive Magazine, is showing signs of recovery.

When exploring the latest industry trends, Incentive Magazine conducted a survey and recently published its findings in the "Incentive 2010 Sales Report".


The  report states that the anti-incentive AIG Effect is in fact beginning to fade. According to the report, nearly 46 percent of respondents are increasing their per-recipient reward spend, compared to the 16 percent who are decreasing it.

In addition, merchandise continues to be the reward of choice for employers.

The Incentive Research Foundation and SITE has recently reported similar results. These findings are a sigh of relief for those in the incentive and reward industry and note a positive movement and recovery.

To read the full report visit "Incentive 2010 Sales IQ Report”

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