Innovative channel incentive program set to launch by Motorola

by: Nichole Gunn September 8, 2010

A new channel incentive program by Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions is scheduled to launch soon. According to CRN, the concept of this new points-based program is to award partners based on their accomplishments in sales, vertical expertise, as well as in customer satisfaction.

This new program, titled PartnerEmpower, is set to be unveiled at Motorola’s partner conference which is schedule to take place in Las Vegas. It is planned that this program will take effect April 1st. The innovative channel incentive will focus on specialized departments or categories help by partners in specific marketing, such as in government and health care.

The strategy of PartnerEmpower is to utilize three unique program tracks: wireless network solution, radio, and mobility.

Each track will have its own benefits, notes Phone Plus magazine. And, they will each offer unique opportunities for certifications, and high-end designations will merit a selection of rewards.

Realizing their partners are crucial to their company’s health, officials at Motorola hope their latest incentive program will enhance partner loyalty.

Janet Schijns, vice president of global channels for Motorola EMS, disclosed to CRN that: “Having a model that backs partners in the local market with local expertise is really where I think everybody needs to go. And we’re changing our go-to-market messaging, websites, everything, to talk about the power of the partner.”

To verify Motorola’s efforts are moving in the right direction, a report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council explains that businesses and organizations are now spending upwards of $2 billion implementing and running reward programs.Along with this, a number of leaders in industry are employing and expanding their own channel incentives and other loyalty programs.

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