ROARS – Kent Hospital’s new employee reward program

by: Nichole Gunn September 9, 2010

Kent Hospital is gearing up to launch a new employee rewards program. The idea behind this program, since hiring new employees is difficult in today’s business climate, is to reward current employees for their ongoing endeavors.

Recognizing Our Achievements, Rewarding Staff (ROARS), the title of the new program, focuses on creating an environment wherein employees will have the chance to boost their confidence and feel success in spite of trying times.


As told to Providence Business News, Sandra L. Coletta, president and CEO at Kent Hospital, explained, “This is a time to invest in our employees, not cut back on them.” Even though the hospital’s funds are limited, they are striving with renewed focus to support its internal structure, or resources. This is in recognition of staff members who continue to work hard.

The program is unique and will offer scratch tickets to employees who are acknowledged for their good work. These tickets can be redeemed for a number of gifts and benefits – all courtesy of the hospital.

A University of Maryland study emphasizes that improved employee loyalty is directly related to improved market performance.

These types of rewards are something company leaders might want to look into if they are seeking to establish their own employee loyalty programs. The programs can be varied and tweaked to offer rewards for online points-based programs that allow employees to “cash-in” their merits for a variety of prizes from tickets to events to travel services. The variations are limited only by creativity.

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