IBM Slam Dunks with LotusLive Partner Program: Gets Channel Partners On Board

by: Nichole Gunn September 17, 2010

IBM recently launched its LotusLive channel incentive program.

Taking advantage of Microsoft’s discontinuance of the Windows Essential Business Server, IBM has already added 200+ business partners since the launch, according to

The LotusLive partner program broadens the scope of the partners’ abilities. It allows partners to “own” the affiliation with the cloud computing customers. This new strategy enables resellers to control all sales and billing. In addition to this, LotusLive will afford businesses to work directly with partners, suppliers, and customers, outside of the firewall.

Along with the LotusLive partner program, reports that IBM is creating multi-leveled administrative purposes for the program. This strategy will hopefully assure partners that the developing program is strong and will continue to move forward.

According to the source, Bernie Leung, CEO of Mesa Technology and an IBM partner was quoted saying, “We can rely on IBM to address our midmarket customer needs, unlike Microsoft who has left us in the cold with this abrupt withdrawal of Enterprise Business Server.”

Companies who create and continually developing customer loyalty programs or partner programs have the possibility of enticing new business from competitor’s former clients. Business leaders need to keep a watchful eye out for changes in the market, and be ready to take advantage of competitors’ mistakes.

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