A ‘Big Welcome Back’ for Frequent Travelers with Hyatt’s New Incentive Programs

by: Nichole Gunn September 20, 2010

According to Smarter Travel’s Tim Winship writes travelers may be tightening their belts, but Hyatt has developed a new strategy to get them back in the fold. Their new travel incentive program, the Big Welcome Back, allows travelers to purchase two nights at the Hyatt and get a third night free.

Making the pot even sweeter, Winship explains that the two nights do not have to be consecutive. That’s a great deal, but there’s more: the traveler can spend their two night at a less expensive Hyatt’s and use the freebie night at a more expensive Hyatt facility.

Winship notes that the new incentive program has an extended duration and affords a number of opportunities for frequent travels to qualify for the rewards. But, as with some deals there may be one or two drawbacks, the Smart Traveler wasn’t too thrilled about the brief window of availability that the travelers had to ‘cash in’ on their free night.

Industry experts believe that savvy business travelers, thinking ahead, might utilize the program to apply toward the payment of future trips.

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