Mayfel’s Restaurant Motivates Employees with Employee Events

by: Nichole Gunn September 21, 2010

Unlike many other businesses, Mayfel’s restaurant in Asheville, NC has not let the tribulations of the recession effect the notable relationship it has with its employees. The small restaurant has found that staying loyal to employees not only benefits workers, but benefits the business as a whole.

Restaurant owner Loretta Woolley goes above and beyond to show employees appreciation. Mayfel offers its employees generous benefits and, in the effort to show appreciation, Woolley holds several parties for her employees and their families.

This years employee party, according to, was a Boogie Night Disco-Funk Roller Party. The party featured contests with prizes from other independently-owned businesses in the Asheville area.

When companies show their employees that they care, employees take pride in their jobs.

"This is about more than a single Asheville restaurant throwing parties for employees," said Wooley. "Small businesses are the backbone of our city, and we hope to serve as an example of the role small businesses can play in instilling even a tiny bit of trust back into the job market. Corporate America might have made some mistakes, but the small business sector has a chance to make a difference and help improve both attitudes and employment rates."

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