Raybestos’ Loyalty Program is Restructured Through Affinia

by: Nichole Gunn September 21, 2010

Raybestos ditched their old safety center program for a new broader, multi-faceted loyalty program from Affinia.

According to Modern Tire Dealer Magazine, Raybestos, the chain of repair facilities, has implemented this new program, and it is available for free. This move is intended to reward more technicians who install Raybestos products.

Brand manager, Gerogianne Dickey, explains that while this new program is broader and will offer much more to participants, “the Raybestos Rewards program will retain several of the same features as the Raybestos Safety Center Program. An important part of the new program is the ‘free’ aspect.

Raybestos is pleased to announce that all participants in the new rewards program will receive a special kit containing:

  • A training guide
  • A multimedia CD
  • Promotional materials
  • Brochures, banners, and posters
  • Access to Affinia’s tech service hotline.

The company notes the importance of reward programs and restructured its own in an effort to boost the program’s participation, and to “enhance brand management.”

The auto industry has certainly taken their lumps from today’s economy, but company leaders and in-the-know marketing professionals strive to create and maintain incentive programs. It is these types of programs that will ensure long lasting client and business relationships, as well as foster new business.

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