Employee Wellness Incentive – New Business Strategy

by: Nichole Gunn September 23, 2010

An article in the Frederick News-Post notes that to provide more desirable and updated employee incentives, a number of companies are offering incentives for health and fitness; rewards might include reduced gym memberships, company provided weight rooms, and even rebates on health insurance premiums.

Analysts all agree that helping to keep employees healthy is a win-win situation for all involved. The benefits are:

  • Less sick days taken by employees
  • Better health usually leads to better disposition, job satisfaction, and job performance
  • May help be beneficial to the company with ever-rising cost of insurance premiums

Rachel Bentley, from the Frederick Memorial Hospital’s Wellness Program, explained to Frederick News-Post that as part of their program, all hospital employees must complete a health risk assessment test. Based on the results, the employee is given advice to improve his well-being. The hospital also provides monthly classes on a number of different health-related topics. Employees who take advantage of the programs can earn points toward a discount on their health insurance premium.

As a result of theses new incentive programs, the paper reports that, “many employers are starting to see fit, healthy employees as happy, less costly workers.”

These healthy-based incentive programs allow the employer to lead his employees down the path to better health by providing incentives that will entice them to take advantage of what’s being offered. It’s a useful model for businesses to follow.