Company Helps Save the Environment and Cut Costs Through Employee Incentive Program

by: Nichole Gunn September 27, 2010

In a recent article, The Wall Street Journal reported the Otis Ltd., the largest elevator manufacturer in the world, noticed significant benefits from their unique employee incentive program.

The company, which as part of its business in the UK contracts a fleet of over 300 employee vehicles, designed and implemented an incentive program to help save fuel, minimize the company’s carbon footprint (emissions), and cut costs.

The Wall Street Journal noted that in the analysis of costs, Otis’ management realized it was cost efficient to maintain a fleet of smaller vehicles that left a smaller carbon footprint. The company quickly took steps to begin the incentive program which is based on a graduated system.

The program is based on a ranking system with an emissions allowance. While employees are able to pick the type of car they each want to drive, those employees with a lower-rank are allotted a smaller emissions allowance.

The incentive works by reimbursing the employee if he/she chooses a car that has less carbon emissions than the amount they are allotted. This means money in their pockets for being environmentally friendly. As an added feature, the employee can use his surplus to acquire other perks for the car, such as a navigation system.

Otis has thus far swapped 150 of its fleet for cars with lower emissions. This simple strategy has produced great results; the company reduced its over-all carbon emission a whopping 17% since 2008.

Along with the environmental concern over carbon emissions, companies need to be concerned about their water usage. Carbon Disclosure Project, a nonprofit organization, initiated a project that will keep an eye on water usage by businesses and organizations globally.

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