DH Distributors Invests More in its Resellers and Dealers 2010 Incentive Programs

by: Nichole Gunn September 29, 2010

Broadening its reseller programs, D&H Distribution, a major North American technology distributor, increased its investment in a number of programs. Focusing on its varying customer base, which includes IT resellers, the company designed these programs to fit businesses of all sizes, as well as retailers and dealers’ customers.

One such incentive program, an SMB with Lenovo, was initiated during the 2nd quarter 2010. Titled the “$MB Think Outside the Box” program, it is a plateau-based rewards plan that offers awards for qualifying product purchases. Participants are allowed to earn points on three different levels and can cash them in for prizes.

Utilizing these incentive strategies, D&H “quadrupled the number of vendors participating in its Incentives Rewards Program, and added high-end prizes such as, iPods and HDTVs.”

According to D&H vice president of market, Mary Campbell, "We never take a blanketed, one-size-fits-all approach [. . .] We customize. We ‘upsize' our services and support our vendor partners' offerings as well. In 2010, the enhancements to our programs reflect those philosophies."

D&H is proud of its impressive 92-year history of providing information and advice to the reseller channel. “D&H won the Microsoft Licensing Operational Excellence Award six years running and was named Microsoft's OEM Distributor of the Year.”

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