Tips for Establishing Successful Employee Reward Programs

by: Nichole Gunn September 30, 2010

In an insightful article in NewsOK, Rachel Stiles, senior associate consultant for the Persimmon Group, took on employee motivation. “We want our employees to give their best effort, take pride in their work and move quickly, all the while whistling the company theme song,” was her leading line.

This, along with a profitable and growing business, is the goal of every employer. Stiles explained that in line with more traditional reward programs, such as salary, benefits, and bonuses, incentive rewards programs are an excellent means to promote greater employee motivation, leading way to increased and improved performance.

Cleverly comparing motivation to your dashboard gauge, Sites noted, “The motivation level indicates the direction, intensity and duration of high performance. As motivation increases, so can the desired work performance.”

In today’s tight economic situation, salaries and bonuses may become stagnant, but Stiles explains that there’s more to an effective and satisfying reward than money. “Organizations need intangible rewards to completely fulfill the needs of their employees — needs like recognition, achievement, affiliation, and growth.”

Stiles’ tips for Improving Employee Motivation and Performance

  • Utilize intangible rewards, such as recognition (public and private).
  • Empower the top performance workers with more satisfying and challenging work.
  • Provide opportunities through training and mentoring that will afford growth and development.
  • Allow for flexible hours. This will permit employees to handle necessary family and health obligations, such as child care and elderly care.
  • Be sure the rewards system is visible and understandable. And, show the value of intangible rewards.
  • Only promise what is actually available – no pie in the sky.
  • Take action. Don’t procrastinate on creating an incentive rewards system; move forward and implement at least one program to start.

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