Incentives to Motivate Employees Toward Green Business Strategies

by: Nichole Gunn October 7, 2010

With new trends toward green business initiatives, Brighter Planet, a climate change solutions provider, prepared a study connecting green practices with employee engagement.

The study, based on a survey, of which 1055 employees responded to Brighter Planet’s Employee Sustainability Engagement Survey, was conducted during November 2009. The respondent sample reflected various industries, employer size, and employee job roles.

The conclusions drawn from the survey demonstrated that communication is an important factor when initiating green practices. Unfortunately, the survey showed that this key element was lacking in the majority of organizations. But it also found that utilizing social media to encourage employee participation in green projects had great potential.

Business leaders taking note of the new green trends are beginning to take advantage of this strategy by implementing green business practices. Companies are more aware of the environmental, social, and business advantages, including bottom line benefits as well.

According to Brighter Planet, the main crux of a change toward green business strategies is that “the shift to sustainability must happen at all levels of an organization, and that can depend on the organization’s ability to empower and incentivize employees.”

Brighter Planet has facilities in Vermont and California. It provides “technology-driven climate change solutions that help people and businesses manage their environmental impact.” The company engages over 150,000 customers, and offers a number of new and exciting strategies, including: “debit and credit cards that build renewable energy, to crowd-powered community climate projects, to a technology platform that integrates carbon emissions modeling with business opera­tions.”

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