Employee Motivation Goes a Long Way towards Increasing Productivity

by: Nichole Gunn October 19, 2010

Employees are part of a company’s foundation – they are actually a key to its success. Creating employee motivation is the company leaders’ job, and as a report in Chiropractic Economics magazine states, it is “one of the easiest tasks to accomplish”.

Michelle Geller-Vino, president of MGV Marketing Inc. has over 28 years of experience in training chiropractic assistants. Her article in the magazine provides advice on how to motivate employees, and the advice can be applied to any office environment.

She begins by explaining, “Experts say motivation is not really motivation, but rather morale boosting.”  Incorporating learning, support, and a fun workplace atmosphere builds morale; this in turn will lead to a more productive staff.

According to Geller-Vino, one of the steps to creating a motivated staff is to have the right team players in the right positions. Creating an incentive plan will offer employees a feeling of satisfaction and empowerment. It will also allow the employees to feel involved. Part of this includes rewarding employees for a job well done, or for reaching set objectives.

As a company leader, actions speak louder than words; Geller-Vino suggests “being positive, giving compliments, encouraging communication, and leading by example.” Demonstrating these qualities will motivate employees.

In a related article published early this year, Entrepreneur magazine offered similar advice for increasing employee engagement. It suggests companies provide clear and single mission objectives, along with encouraging employees to provide feedback.

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