Employee Travel Incentives Making a Come Back

by: Nichole Gunn November 9, 2010

USA Today discusses employee incentive programs. Along with the economic recovery, incentive experts are advising that businesses are drawing on travel rewards again as a means to motivate and engage employees.

Incentive programs overall are being taken off the back burner as the economy improves. The reason is because these programs are proven to work: they help motivate and engage employees. According to the experts, incentive trips will be rising steadily right into next year, “as more employees reach their points thresholds to qualify for the trips.”

To make travel incentive more cost-effective and “integrate a social-responsibility component,” companies are creating situations wherein the reward includes a ‘helping humanity’ element. For example, a reward may provide for the employee to take part in Habitat for Humanity during his trip.

Brenda Anderson, CEO of Site, an organization of incentive and travel executives, noted, “It’s about rewarding your employees, making them feel connected to your company, your culture, your values.”

Studies across the board demonstrate that incentive programs offer enhanced employee engagement and productivity. A report from HR Management explains that there is the potential for a 22% boost in employee performance as a result of incentive programs. In regard to team incentive, the increases productivity increases to 44 percent.

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