Seven & i Initiates “At Home’ Environmental Employee Incentive Program

by: Nichole Gunn November 16, 2010

Environmental awareness at work and at home is leading to some innovative approaches toward becoming part of the solution.

According to the Daily Yomiuri, the Japanese major chain operator Seven & i Holdings Co. initiated a rewards program that offered up to 10,000 yen worth of electronic money to employees who significantly reduce their electricity consumption at home.

The purpose of the program was environmental awareness, specifically it was initiated to raise the employees’ awareness of efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

Including 110,000 regular and part-time workers within 45 companies “under the holding firm, including supermarket chain Ito-Yokado Co. and department store chain Sogo & Seibu Co.,” the incentive program was easy to use and motivating. All the employees had to do was provide the company with their electric bills for the targeted months of August, September, and October.

Those participating employees who reduced their electric consumption by 15% in comparison to the same time period of the prior year earned “a card worth 3,000 points in the Nananco electronic money system, according to the paper.” The award jumped to 10,000 points if the employee reduced consumption by 20 percent.

The retail chain is also a leader in environmental awareness in its facilities. It strives to promote energy efficiency, and its latest project is the installation of solar panels. As a trial program they will install the panels at certain locations “to gauge the potential cost-savings of adopting solar power across the chain.”

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