Winning Companies Use Wellness Programs to Help Stay Strong

by: Nichole Gunn November 17, 2010

In an article on, The Principal® 10 Best Companies for Employee Financial Security named the 10 winning organizations for 2010 .

Considering the stagnant economy, the award acknowledges companies that “stood firm in their commitment to employee financial security by maintaining, and even adding to, their first-class employee benefits.” A part of their firm stance involved employee wellness programs

The organizations chosen by an independent panel of judges include:

  • American Immigration Lawyers Association, Washington, D.C.--professional association
  • Clif Bar & Company, Berkeley, Calif.--organic health food and drink manufacturer
  • Davidson Technologies, Inc., Huntsville, Ala.--aerospace and defense consultant
  • The Delp Company, Maumee, Ohio--wealth, risk management and employee benefits consulting firm
  • The Graham Company, Philadelphia, Pa.--insurance broker and consultant

For a full list and additional information about the winning companies visit:

Among the winners of this year’s award, the judges noted top trends included a number of strategies and employee reward programs that focus on healthy living.

Wellness programs mentioned in the article include: on-site health classes, conducted by health coaches, incentive rewards that offer money to buy exercise items, such as bicycles, discounts on medical premiums, personal trainers on-site, and work out paid time allowance

Utilizing some or all of these wellness program incentives, the judges noted “that the winning companies minimized healthcare premium increases by helping employees lower their health risks.”

According to the Principal Financial Group’s vice president, Luke Vandermillen, "They [the winning companies] worked with employees to find creative ways to cut expenses without cutting benefits." He added, "They focused on adding and improving benefits that really meet the unique needs of their employees. And they greatly expanded wellness programs to hold down healthcare costs."

To further enforce the benefits of wellness programs, Harvard University conducted a recent study reported in Health Affair. It concluded “that employers can reduce healthcare expenses by approximately $3.27 for every dollar spent on employee wellness programs.”