Employer-Provided Childcare a Great Employee Incentive

by: Nichole Gunn December 10, 2010

Taking into account that many families have both parents working, employers are creating flexible employee incentive programs that include childcare.

Due to the economy, healthcare costs, and women taking a more active role in business, families are finding themselves needing responsible and secure daycare options. This adds a safety and financial concern to families facing this situation and becomes a challenging stepping stone.

Employer-provided-childcare-employee-incentiveParents want to find a safe daycare solution that is close to the workplace and doesn’t create a financial burden. The smart employer will come to the rescue and create one of the strongest loyalty bonds with employees by providing childcare at the workplace as part of the incentive program. This will help alleviate some of the pressure, “and is a major perk for both moms and dads who don't want to sacrifice the happiness of their family for their career – or vice versa.”

Offering employer-provided childcare as an employee incentive is sure to create a more productive employee in those parents who take advantage of the incentive. The worker will be ensured her/his child is nearby, thereby reducing stress, and it will help the family financially, again reducing stress.

This type of employee incentive is a “major benefit to parents” and will encourage loyalty. It will benefit the employer with increased productivity and keep workers from straying to other companies.

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