Employee Recognition Programs Generate Loyal Employees

by: Nichole Gunn December 15, 2010

What’s on the horizon once the economy begins to pick up and job opportunities open up and present themselves to workers? According to experts, employees will be looking for greener pastures.

Due to the recession, businesses of all sizes needed to tighten their belts. This created cuts in employee benefits which has lead to some of the lowest levels of employee satisfaction in decades. When faced with a decision, employees will look to find a workplace that offers more perks and incentives.

Employers should be grabbing the bull by the horns now, before it leaves the pen, and initiate worker incentive programs that will generate ‘happy campers.’ AddPR.com explains, “Creating a culture of employee recognition is a solid first step, but it must be more meaningful than certificates and service award pins.” The source adds, “Well-run employee recognition programs that reward employees for a broad range of desired behaviors (e.g. teamwork, cost saving ideas, embracing core values, etc.) can do wonders for improving morale, engagement and job satisfaction.”

With thoughtful and creative planning, employers can create cost-effective incentive programs that will foster employee engagement, motivation, and productivity. The programs should utilize strategies that offer recognition and incentives that demonstrate an appreciation for an employee’s efforts and job effectiveness.

Employees want to know they are a part of the growth and well-being of the company they work for.

To help establish programs employees will feel inspired by, business owners need to gain the support and input directly from the staff. Employees need to feel vested in the company, as well as respected. Offering a comprehensive and flexible incentive program will establish a work friendly environment that fosters employee appreciation, thereby keeping employees on the job.

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