Wellness Program Boosts Law Firm’s Employees’ Health and Bottom Line

by: Nichole Gunn December 22, 2010

Wellness programs are growing in popularity and really are an excellent strategy to boost a company’s employees’ health and the bottom line.

Burr & Forman LLP, an Alabama law firm took note of the strategy and implemented an innovative and successful wellness program. With a workforce of hundreds, the firm utilized a 12-week walking program that over 270 employees took advantage off. The incentive is a wide range of rewards, including electronics, vacations, and cookbooks.

Along with the walking program, the firm also initiated incentive programs aiming at smokers, offering annual health fares, and promoting discounts on insurance premiums for participants in healthcare screenings. David Elliott, chairman of the wellness committee, told the Birmingham Business Journal, “It helps morale, it helps productivity and ultimately the firm saves money in its health costs.”

Part of Burr & Forman’s wellness strategy is to keep a supply of fresh fruit on hand for employees. Rather than processed and unhealthy cookies or candy via vending machines, fruit offers nutritional benefits that will help reduce employee sick days.

Elliott explained that the strategy “has been an incredible success.” He added, "We buy apples and bananas almost daily. We buy in bulk, we charge it at cost and it has been self-sustaining. The firm has not had to do anything to support that." This is another example of an effective wellness program at work.