Incentive Solutions Partners With Businesses To Increase Safety Awareness And ROI Through The Use Of Safety Incentive Programs

by: Nichole Gunn March 28, 2013

Incentive Solutions Safety Incentives Increase Safety Awareness and ROI

Atlanta, March 27, 2013 / Incentive Solutions, a premium provider of incentive programs, channel incentive programs, and employee reward programs is pleased to announce they are expanding their focus to create cost-reducing safety incentive programs that increase safety awareness and reduce insurance premiums in the workplace. They’re working with various companies to develop programs that will help them reduce the amount of safety incidents and related costs they incur each year.

Incentive Solutions is crafting safety incentives that address the costs that come from onsite accidents by helping to prevent them for occurring in the first place. In fact, a recent safety incentive program for one of Incentive Solutions distributor clients reduced insurance premiums, worker’s compensation costs and costs stemming from workplace accidents by 20%. The program even reduced sick time and employee absenteeism by 15%. Incentive Solutions’ safety incentive programs typically return an average of two to three dollars for every dollar invested in the program.

Safety incentives are becoming more important than ever as the cost of workplace injuries continue to skyrocket. Accidents on the job typically cost an employer around $17,000 in direct costs. That cost includes things like insurance premiums, workers comp and medical care, to name a few. What it doesn’t include are indirect costs like lost productivity, repairs of property and/or equipment, training replacement employees, investigations; development and implementation of new safety procedures; and lowered employee morale and absenteeism.

Safety incentive programs increase safety awareness by rewarding participants for meeting or achieving a number of different safety goals, training and objectives, like reductions in incidents, days without incidents, completing safety training, being observed putting safety training into action, or for offering suggestions for a safer workplace. Creativity and engagement are the keys to creating a successful safety incentive program. Anything that gets your participants engaged in thinking and observing how safety works in their surroundings will help your program succeed.

Incentive Solutions says that each of their safety incentive programs must include the following criteria for the program to be a success:

  • Manager support
  • Attainability of reward
  • Set goals
  • Easy to understand rules
  • Participation
  • Prevention/reduction of under-reporting accidents
  • Attractive rewards
  • Training
  • Increase safety awareness

About Incentive Solutions

In 1994, the ISI group launched Incentive Solutions to focus on the incentive travel needs of their customers. In 2005, Incentive Solutions launched an online reward solution via RewardTrax, a web-based platform that helps manage incentive programs, employee motivation programs and employee reward programs. RewardTrax is a powerful program management solution that provides point-based merchandise programs and reloadable prepaid debit cards. Incentive Solutions was recently recognized as an Inc. 5000 company and received AAA accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

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