You Don’t Want to Run a B2B Incentive Promotion Because…

by: Luke Kreitner April 28, 2016

...You already have so much else to do, your past program administration was a hassle, the rewards uninspiring, and you could not quantify your ROI!

Well, our new mobile app technology and in house account management, address all those issues and more.

The advent of Gen X and Gen Y making up two-thirds the American workforce, with their prevalent use of B2B smart phone technology, creates the opportunity for quantifiable, sustainable, ROI from the use of long-term loyalty or short-term spiffs, rebates or sales incentives here-to-for not possible!

Now you can use online and mobile apps to:

  • Instant instore fulfillment of rewards
  • Submit sales claims/validation
  • Automatic¬†warranty registrations from phone
  • Transmit¬†push notifications about product info, program updates and "leaderboard"
  • Update reward program profile and clean up database
  • Run multiple¬†promotions and access program updates
  • Recieve client feedback, surveys and referrals

Below is an infographic on the three prong approach to how a modern promotion should be run.

In my 30+ years in the incentive promotion business, I have never been more excited about how much we can help our clients keep their best 20% accounts and sell more to the middle 60% by creating a broad comprehensive campaign that becomes an integral part of all their marketing and sales efforts.

Good Selling,

Steve Damerow