Utilizing Employee Recognition Plans

by: Luke Kreitner August 24, 2016

employee recognition plansAs the saying goes, happy employees make for good employees. Good pay and a satisfying job are integral to making a typical job extraordinary and equally important is the concept of making every employee feel appreciated and important. Simply saying, “thank you,” and congratulating employees for a job well done goes a long way. Further means of assuring employees are content with their jobs and continue to perform at their peak efficiency is to introduce employee recognition plans.

Why Use Employee Recognition Plans

Using employee recognition plans shows people how much you appreciate the contributions they provide for your continued business success. A gift card to the favorite restaurant your employee's family loves to eat at every week can be negotiated as a minor expense for your company and a major bonus in the perspective of the person who earned it. The same concept applies when you offer a gift catalog of items the employee has to buy and provide credits toward their purchase as a tip according to their performance week in and week out which continually assures your own success as a manager or owner.

Job Satisfaction

Study after study for the past 200 years has shown the best performance is accomplished by the most satisfied workers. When you provide bonuses through employee recognition plans, workers on the floor, designers, salespeople, and managers all appreciate the effort to show how important they are. Another consideration towards keeping employees happy beyond being more productive is the very practical aspect of you having to work with them from 8-12 hours daily. You very much prefer to work with someone who is happy with their job rather than unsatisfied.

Inspired Employee Performance

It's impossible to say too much about how well inspiration can improve performance. Employee recognition plans provide the inspiration through rewards to make each person want to contribute to their best. When everybody on your team contributes to the best of their ability, you'll find you have not just, “a,” but “the” winning team on your side as the future success of your business is assured. Whether you provide your top performer and their family an all-expense Jamaican vacation or whether you take your entire team on a motivational trip to the Bahamas, or whether you provide lunch after the closing of a deal, your employees will appreciate your loyalty to them and return said loyalty exponentially with continued performance.

Ultimately, your business is nothing without your employees. An employee recognition plan shows your employees just how much you appreciate their hard effort. Give the people recognition, say thank you, allow them a day off when they need it, and use employee incentive programs to show them exactly how important they are to the continued success of your company.