Incentive Insider Newsletter | November 2017

by: Steve Damerow November 16, 2017

BEST BthruB Leadership Summit Ever!

bthrub leadership summit This October, Incentive Solutions attended the 2017 BthruB Leadership Summit. For three days, industry experts gathered to share best practices, industry insights, and channel marketing strategies. The focus of the 2017 BthruB summit was online incentive program technology advancements so, we were excited to announce all the new cutting-edge tech Incentive Solutions has to offer, such as:
  • New admin dashboards that offer snapshots of program activity, redemption, goal-tracking and more!
  • Gamification modules, Spin to Win and Scratch Off, that reward points to new enrollees
  • Updated mobile-optimization leaderboards
  • New incentive program benchmarks study to assess successful metrics
In addition to announcing our tech advancements, Incentive Solutions VP of Sales, Luke Kreitner, and Director of Account Management, Mandy Freeman, presented their B2B incentive program benchmarks study, which was based on data from our most successful incentive programs. Among the wonderful presenters was our very own CEO, Steve Damerow, who kicked off the summit along with Dr. Rajeev Dhawan, Director of the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University. The duo delivered an insightful presentation discussing the economic and environmental trends in the B2B marketplace. We had a blast at the 2017 BthruB Leadership Summit, and can’t wait to see what 2018 has to offer!

Admins Never Had It So Good!

incentive software
Admin Dashboards are the hot new thing, haven’t you heard?! Program administrators can now see a snapshot of key performance indicators to help participants make the best decisions when it comes to their program. The dashboards feature snapshots of customer data, including:
  • Program overview (rewards issued and redeemed, participant engagement and status)
  • Shopping and redemption (rewards redeemed by category, top wish list items, top redeemers, total orders by month)
  • Communications (messages sent, communication preferences, email activity)
  • Goal and performance tracking (promotion summaries, promotion detail, active participants, claims summaries, promotion goal tracking, leaderboard, total claims submitted)
And more! The new Admin Dashboard technology creates a user experience that makes it easier for participants to run a successful incentive program.

Five Years in the Makin'!

Incentive Solutions’ Luke Kreitner (VP of Sales) and Mandy Freeman (Director of Account Management) recently presented their 2017 B2B Incentives Program Benchmarks Study at the BthruB Leadership Summit. The study was based on five years of data from Incentive Solutions’ most successful incentive programs. The benchmarks included:
  • Enrollments
  • Awards
  • Redemptions
  • Performance Tracking (claims)
  • Engagement snapshots
The benchmarks study was incredibly beneficial in showing fellow attendees the results of a successful incentive program in terms of performance.

Feeling Lucky?

Our incentive Gamification module just got even better! Participants can virtually spin the Spin to Win wheel, or with our newest tech addition, scratch the Scratch Off card as soon as they enroll. Participants are engaged right from the beginning. You can choose color palette options for your game or specify custom branding, AND you set the “chance to win” percentage for each reward prize, keeping you in control. Want to know more? Let's talk!

Look What We Did!

incentive professionals
Here at Incentive Solutions, we promise to be your trusted advisor. And, to do this, we are constantly looking for ways to make ourselves better. Recently, entire members from our Account Management, Sales, Business Analyst, and Communications teams received their IP Certifications. The IP curriculum obtained during the certification process sets Incentive Solutions’ members apart, and allows them to draw from their advanced knowledge when consulting with buyers and clients on how to make their programs more successful. Congratulations to our newest IP certified employees!

Thank You to Clients Who Lent a Helping Hand!

Following the disasters caused by Hurricane Irma, Harvey, and Maria, Incentive Solutions invited clients to contribute by allowing program participants to donate points to the organization, One America Appeal. We offered a custom category to their catalog at no additional cost to the client. The fundraiser began on October 2nd and will run through November 30th. All donations will go to One America Appeal, a joint organization by all five living former American Presidents to encourage fellow citizens to support recovery efforts. We are proud to announce, thus far, we have received 1,614 donations, totaling $25,665! Thank you to everyone that has donated. You contribution has made such a difference!

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