5 Qualities of an Amazing B2B Loyalty Program Experience

by: Steve Damerow February 5, 2018

b2b loyalty program experience

Data that drives a unique b2b loyalty program experience

    • Use data to learn more about customers.
    • Create a better b2b loyalty program experience with personalized content.

Non-cash incentive rewards

  • Non-cash rewards leave a lasting memory.
  • Memories influence B2B customer behaviors.
  • Customer engagement and customer loyalty increase.

A fair loyalty rewards payout

  • Match the reward to the effort spent.
  • Use a flexible incentive platform.
  • Offer tiered incentive rewards for a unique B2B loyalty program experience for different customer groups.

Surprise rewards

  • Unexpected rewards again create a lasting memory.
  • Positive impression and pleasant memory keeps your B2B customers coming back for more.


  • Invite companies to co-sponsor your program.
  • Incorporate non-competing companies into your loyalty program.
  • Give your customers a wide selection and better program experience.