Round’ Here, We Have Fun With Our Incentive Program Communications!

by | May 6, 2020 | Incentive Strategies

We strive to make your incentive program stand out with our ongoing participant communication campaigns. Every month, we send participants a fun point-statement email to keep them engaged and excited about their rewards program (and update them on their current point balance). These “Monthly Statement” emails are included in the Standard Communications Plan we offer at no cost to you! Learn more about our Creative Services here.

Each Monthly Statement email features a variety of popular catalog merchandise relating to a unique theme. We showcase different themes and items each month to highlight the flexibility and versatility of our online reward catalog’s offerings and inspire participants with different ways they can spend their points.

We share the results of the Monthly Statement emails, along with other stats and insights from our Standard Communications campaigns, with our clients in a “Communications Snapshot” (infographic) we send out each quarter.

Here’s a look at our Q1 Communications Snapshot…

2020 Q1 Communications Snapshot

As you can see in the Snapshot, the Monthly Statement emails are nothing short of original. I’ll have to admit, when I first started developing the creative behind our participant communications initiatives in 2018, I wanted to do away with the themes and create statement emails with a more consistent, generic look and feel. I felt that a standard, reoccurring statement email would resonate better with participants because it was the same each month. However, I didn’t have any data to support my theory at the time. So, I just waltzed on over to Mandy Freeman, the VP of Account Management, and made my case. Her response went something like this…

“Our Monthly Statements are one of the things that make us different. They are creative and stand out from all the other boring emails. That’s why we do them this way – it sets us apart. Our audience likes them and they respond to them.”

I think about what Mandy said from time to time. Especially when I need to remind myself that streamlining templated content and images may be the easier, more convenient route to take, but it’s dynamic, compelling content that wins the race every time. So, it’s no surprise that our Monthly Statement emails achieve such great open/click-through rate success…

In 2019, our average open rates were 38.5% (compared to the industry average of 18.4%) and our average click-through rates were 10.65% (against the industry average of 2.3%). Mailchimp’s 2019 Marketing Industry Benchmarks

Another thing I’ve learned about the Monthly Statements is that not only does our audience respond to them, but they also wait for them to come. I’ll never forget the response I received from a participant during the 2019 Uniquely Yours Campaign when I called to remind him about his point balance and option to make a custom redemption. He said:

“Yes, I know I have points. My statement told me. I get my statement every month. But thanks for calling!”

This was music to my ears. He called them “his statements”, and for some nerdy marketer-related reason, this gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Especially hearing it from (what sounded to be) a 50+-year-old man from the deep south.

Fun, engaging content helps you connect with your audiences and get your message out to the world. Our creative services team specializes in making sure your incentive program gets noticed. We’re here to help achieve success with impactful marketing strategy and communication planning – from start to finish. And, we have fun doing it.

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