3 Reasons Integrated Services is the Business Reward Solution You’ve Been Looking For

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Employee Incentive Programs

Integrated services are an effective business reward solution that your business needs to implement in order to keep growing and taking things to the next level. Such service programs keep rewards in one place to better streamline your user experience. Brand reinforcement, cohesive standards and CRM integration are just some of the ways that integrated services make things easier and more rewarding for employees and customers alike.

Who wouldn’t want to win the next TV, car or another giveaway item you have to offer? Here are three reasons integrated services are incredibly effective when it comes to improving sales and driving growth.

#1: Reinforce Your Brand Identity

More than half of ‘average’ contributors are frequently those who make a large impact on your business. This group of people may not be comparable to top performers, but they aren’t in the bottom half either. For them, earning rewards on a regular basis can be an incredibly motivational and engaging process. It can also help them focus on achievement outcomes and improve chances of staying motivated in the game. Employee business reward solution systems are easily implemented when using integrated services.

While learning and earning, people get motivated by reaching quantifiable goals and levels. With a rewards system, people get the chance to experience this kind of satisfaction while earning a paycheck – it’s a win-win for them. It’s a way to make them feel valuable and recognized for all the time they put into their work.

For a majority of people on your team, it will be important to maintain morale and improve chances of individuals continuing the program. While it may not necessarily target top performers exclusively, a reward system that affects the mid-level performers will have a great impact on your business overall. It can also help distinguish those who make a continuous effort and allow them to experience the positive surplus and rewards associated with a job well done. “Low hanging fruit,” in this case, refers to the fact that a majority of employees can enjoy a rewards system without a company having to take a considerable loss on more compensation.

#2: Variety: There Are Lots of Options from Which to Choose

You may have not considered this before, but rewards can be physical or virtual. Merchandise, events and experiences all provide excellent opportunities for compensation. Having a catalog with easily recognizable name brands or allowing participants the chance to book exciting or new opportunities are some unique ways rewards can improve their lives and outlook on performance too.

Here are some of the different options offered in a business reward solution and incentive program to make the process of learning and earning better for everyone:

● Entertainment or recreational devices
● Home appliances or tools
● Jewelry and other precious goods
● Sporting equipment
● Recreational activities or experiences
● Concerts or sporting events
● And unique experiences to redeem at a later time.

Aside from these commonly used options, there are other kinds of rewards possible based on your organization’s goals. For example, it may be of interest for some to donate their reward to charity. This could be available for a variety of causes or organizations and in different quantity intervals. You could also provide the option of branded merchandise from your organization itself. No matter what budget your company is on, there are likely to be rewards to systematically distribute to top performers in all categories.

#3: Boost Your Return on Investment

There are many ways that offering rewards can improve your return on investment. Often the people receiving these rewards worked incredibly hard to build up your business. They may have created new opportunities and opened doors for future growth based on their continuous dedication to your organization.

An investment in a reward for these people would immediately pay for itself. Not only are there advantages to improving morale, offering better rewards encourages people to stay involved and grow their initiatives or contributions to the company. Plus, it keeps them happy working for your company, reducing employee turnover, which is important to any business owner or manager.

Overall, there are numerous ways rewards can improve the process of learning and earning. Are you convinced it is time to implement a business reward solution for your company? Let our team at Incentive Solutions show you how to do it right to get the best incentive-based results. We will take a close look at your business and employees to determine the right integrated services for your unique organization. We aren’t into cookie cutter solutions. Our services are customized to meet your needs. Connect with us now online to get started.

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