Appealing to the Incentive Traveler: The All-Inclusive Resort [SlideShare]

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The decision to invest in an incentive travel program for your business is not to be taken lightly. Between expense calculations, guaranteeing ROI, and making sure your program engages your target audience, a beach vacation couldn’t come soon enough!

Whether this is your company’s first endeavor into the world of group incentive travel, or you are looking to enhance your current travel program, Incentive Solutions is here to help. With 20+ years of experience in the group incentive travel industry, we know the ins and outs, and have designed some of the most successful incentive travel programs. Our travel tip for this month: unlocking the treasure of the all-inclusive resort. Check out our presentation below for how to motivate your target audience with all-inclusive incentive travel.

Why All-Inclusive Incentive Travel?

Be it your sales team, top dealers, or most loyal contractors, incentive travel can be a powerful motivation tool for your target demographic. It is memorable, exclusive, and makes your company stand out amongst your competitors- that is, if it is executed correctly.

The key to an effective incentive travel program is defining program equity. Your program participants need to perceive your incentive trip as one of high value, worthy of their attention and high performance.

With an all-inclusive incentive travel destination, the perks are endless! According to travel statistics, the top reasons for travel include:

  • To relax/reduce stress
  • To make memories
  • To engage in fun, excitement, and adventure

At an all-inclusive resort, your program participants wouldn’t have to choose! With a variety of amenities offered, your incentive travelers have the freedom to experience their version of a dream vacation, making your incentive trip that much more enticing.

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