Avoiding the Spotlight Effect when Presenting Employee Rewards

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The spotlight effect is when we assume that our own priorities are also the priorities of others. Makes sense, right? When we work hard on a project or an event, it seems to consume our entire lives. It is all we think about, and nothing else seems to be too important. We become so consumed in this number one priority that we assume others are just as excited about it as we are. It then causes us to exaggerate the amount of attention it is actually receiving. The spotlight effect can be all too damaging when it comes to presenting employee rewards.

This occurrence happens frequently when planning incentive programs for employees. We spend weeks researching and developing what we believe will excite and motivate our employees, but are let down by the unimpressive participation. In order to plan a truly effective incentives plan, it is important to avoid the spotlight effect all together, and maintain constant communication with employees.

Keep At It
If participation falls short even after sending out an informative email about the program, continue reaching out to employees in other ways. Sending another email, calling them personally, or discussing the program during staff meetings are all ways to keep the communication going.

How Are They Responding?

Shortly after reaching out to your audience, record and examine which tactics were the most successful. For example, if some participants responded positively after you called them, make it a priority to frequently call those individuals and see how everything is working out. Although this tactic is generally successful, be sure not to bombard them with a single form of communication. If you send too many emails, or texts, participants will likely start ignoring them. Avoid this by mixing up the media, and including new content.

Content Should Be Relevant

Although it may seem like the end reward should be motivating enough, other measures should also be taken to ensure maximum interest in the program. Use participant’s competitive nature to increase their performance using leader boards and standings updates. Allow participants to monitor their own progress by providing online resources to help them meet their objectives.
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