B2B Ecommerce Solutions: Incentives, Integration, and Gamification

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When it comes to the state of B2B sales in 2020, navigating eCommerce solutions have become the future. While B2C and retail eCommerce have initially lead the charge, B2B sales are beginning to catch up as businesses scramble to re-vamp their go-to-market strategy and shift focus to generating eLoyalty.

With remote-based sales interactions and digital self-service purchases becoming the norm, 90% of B2B decision-makers expect this model to remain. Even more, 3 in 4 believe this new model is “as effective” or “more so” than before COVID-19 began.

The question for manufacturers and distributors taking the plunge into B2B eCommerce is: how does one stand out in the digital world?

Incentives as a Complete Ecommerce Solution

Incentives may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for effective eCommerce solutions that increase sales. After all, online shopping this past black Friday hit a record high of $9 billion. Do people really need to be incentivized to purchase online?

Be it business to business, or direct to consumer, smart companies know that the answer is a resounding yes.

From user experience and delivery expectation to customer service and site security, the digital sales experience is an entirely different buyer journey. While newer, tech-savvy customers have the possibility of digitally stumbling upon your brand, how can you guarantee your site will be chosen amongst a sea of competition with an established internet presence?

Even more, how do you convince your oldest, most loyal customers to completely change the way they’ve conducted business with your brand?

With the help of an online incentive program, businesses can keep their eCommerce site top of mind and designate their brand as the one to which customers return.

Integrating Incentives into an Ecommerce Platform

A major key to an effective incentive program is accessibility. What can be better than customers seeing their reward points accumulate with every item digitally placed into their cart?

With an online incentive program, special performance tracking technology allows for automatic distribution of points each time a purchase is made. This allows not only for instant gratification but offers an interactive and personalized element to the shopping experience. Bonus? Companies save time on incentive program management as no points need to be tallied or distributed manually.

And how about after your customers have earned their points? With integration services, they can simply click over to their reward platform and begin claiming their rewards.

Depending on the audience of customers, businesses can choose from a wide array of enticing reward options. From an online merchandise catalog offering millions of reward items from a variety of retailers, to gift cards or virtual debit cards, customers will find something to enjoy. To motivate top-tiered customers, points can accumulate toward an all-expenses-paid trip, or businesses can even offer credits toward future purchases on the eCommerce platform.

Incorporating Gamification into an Ecommerce Platform

Incentives continue to be a full eCommerce solution with the ability to engage customers through the use of gamification. Incorporating a variety of ways to win rewards outside of purchases helps generate traffic to your eCommerce site while simultaneously building excitement and fun into your brand messaging.

This client chose to spice up their B2B eCommerce customer experience by offering rewards for participating in daily trivia as well as completing customer surveys and providing referral business. Participants were more inclined to offer valuable insights on the current online shopping experience with an incentive, helping enhance the program while also being exposed to the site’s current deals. It is no surprise that customers participating in the contractor loyalty program provided 665% more monthly revenue.

Ready to Invest in a Complete Ecommerce Solution?

If there was ever a better time in history to get an edge on eCommerce sales, the time is now. The B2B sales model is changing, and providing an unmatched online buying experience is the goal. Speak to one of our representatives today about how you can get a leg up on the competition, enhancing digital marketing initiatives and increasing overall sales.  We can’t wait to help you grow.

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