Beach Getaway Beauty Bags for Corporate Events

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Sun-kissed skin, salty hair and a twinkle in your eye are all dead giveaways you’ve been on a tropical incentive travel adventure. While the destination helps achieve these mermaid vibes, the right beauty products can enhance and simplify your incentive trip in paradise. Check out the 5 products below that are must-haves for any beach travel beauty bag. The following items will keep you healthy and beautiful while allowing for more fun in the sun and less maintenance!


1. Sea Salt Hair Mist– While the crystal clear Caribbean will leave your hair full of salty waves, a sea salt hair mist will not only enhance these curls after a day in the surf, but can also create these feelings once home. Spritz in your towel dried ocean strands to boost your natural curls, or spray in and style with a curling want to create those perfect ocean fresh waves when you return from your travels.
2. Waterproof Mascara– Water-proof mascara is a must have product when heading on your beach get away. Not only will your lashes look full and pretty while spending your days in the sand, but it will also save you time when getting ready. With waterproof mascara, you don’t need to worry about makeup running down your face after hours of body surfing or snorkeling. Just apply a coat and dive into those turquoise waters!
3. Tinted Lip Balm with SPF– Dry, cracked lips are the last thing you want to worry about when lounging in paradise between meeting events. A tinted lip balm will give your lips the moisture they need and touch of color you want to brighten any sun kissed face. A balm with SPF is a must to keep your lips plump and healthy rather than rough and burnt from a day spent in the sun.
4. Leave in Conditioner– Leave-in conditioner is a must for any beach getaway for several reasons. After a day on the beach, sailing or exploring the seas, leave-in conditioner will lightly moisturize even the toughest tangled strands, making it easier to run a brush through and saving time when trying to wrangle your wind swept hair when going straight from day to night activities.
5. Self-Tanning Lotion– While a day of sun bathing is relaxing and inviting, hours spent under those tropical rays can be detrimental to your skin in the long term. Using SPF is a must for any outdoor venture, especially days spent perfecting your inner beach bum self. Instead of burning your skin day one and creating an uncomfortable situation for yourself for the remainder of your trip, try a self-tanning lotion to give your body that naturally bronzed tone you seek with hours of sun bathing. While self-tanners do not contain any sun protection, rest assured that under your SPF 30 your skin will be looking radiant and glowing, in a healthy way that self-tanning creates.

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