4 Reasons Why Engagement Is a Key Benefit of Gamification in Sales

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Gamification, Sales Tactics

Did you know there is a clear benefit of gamification in sales? A gamification module helps users get something special when they work with you. Let’s be honest: There are plenty of other vendors customers can go to, or that your sales force may want to work with. With so many different options, it is important that you constantly remind your customers of why your service is better than whatever the competition might offer.

One of the ways that you can distinguish yourself is through improving the value that your company offers clients. Customer loyalty programs are a great way to accomplish this and can have a steadfast impact on the way that customers and your sales team interact with you.

A gamification program provides a way to improve the psychological factors that contribute to a long-term relationship when it comes to customers and employees alike. The goal of gamification is to let them experience the best possible value, have a great time, and remember that you’re the one who provided them with that value and experience.

With so many options to choose from, gamification makes it easy for customers and employees to get virtual perks. Games that offer spinning wheels, interesting game options or other customer loyalty incentives are great examples of gamification. With regular rewards and incentives awarded through these programs, people will feel more positive about their interaction with your company.

Here are four reasons the benefit of gamification in sales improves the sales experience:

1: Customers may be looking for more of an intimate relationship with your company.

There is that special ‘it’ factor that plays into the equation when it comes to B2B customers sticking around for the long haul. Showing them that they are worthwhile and offering the best digital incentives every time is a meaningful way to improve the overall experiences of these customers.

2: Gamification is a value-adding benefit.

Competition is one of the areas that makes a big difference in your business as well as the way that B2B customers operate. Gamification programs are everywhere these days; yours needs to stand out to show them that you are worthwhile and can maintain beneficial results over time.

3: Unique benefits and perks are another way you can distinguish yourself from similar potential suppliers.

Some ways to excel include better customer service, new products and services, and easy availability of digital assets. These methods can show customers that you are staying relevant while helping them improve their business outcomes. These benefits and perks must translate into the direct and immediate results B2B customers are looking for to provide you with an advantage. A gamification module can simply and effectively consolidate the different programs your organization may offer.

4: You can stay ahead of the curve in your market.

Creating and managing gamification programs may seem difficult, especially when it comes to implementing these at the start of your business. Companies might find that it is a time-consuming and a resource-heavy process to implement loyalty programs. This is a challenge especially during startup phases when there might not be enough capital to provide rewards and other types of loyalty benefits.

Nonetheless, you’re already deep into researching, so you are ahead of the competition! There are a lot of different businesses out there, but only those that can stay ahead of the curve will maintain a large volume of customers in the long-run.

There are obviously many ways gamification can improve the sales process. It is an influential and steadfast way to grow your business and help customers and employees feel rewarded.

Get Ahead of the Competition with the Benefit of Gamification in Sales

Gamification programs and incentives are just a few of the ways to make customers feel valued and help them to understand the benefits of staying with your company. Not only is it beneficial to have these kinds of programs early on, but it makes it possible for consumers to realize benefits even without necessarily being top volume clients.

It is important to understand where those clients are coming from and what they might like to see, as well as what features may already be available in the marketplace. Having a grasp of these aspects will improve the way you offer loyalty programs. Being aware of industry trends is an essential part of the process when it comes to gaining leverage over other service providers and improving the experience of B2B customers on a regular basis.

It’s time to help your customers achieve next level results. Connect with our expert team at Incentive Solutions today. Let us show you the benefit of gamification in sales and how it can consolidate your loyalty and other incentive programs.

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