3 Biggest Benefits of Open Enrollment to Boost Your Marketing Strategies

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Incentive Strategies

Give your marketing team an advantage with the benefits of Open Enrollment. This innovative new module helps streamline customer data, clear away inaccurate information and duplicate accounts, and fine-tune your marketing strategies.

Here are three significant benefits of Open Enrollment module from Incentive Solutions:

1. Use Customer Data More Successfully in Current and Future Campaigns

Lead generation programs often collect a minimal amount of information. Sometimes it is as little as a first name and email address. There isn’t much you can do with this data besides assume traits on the reason they provided the details in the first place.

At times, this leads to a major misfire. For instance, it’s trendy for companies to offer free information on Facebook in exchange for customer data. A luggage company might publish an ebook on how to pack wet swimsuits. Some of the users downloading that ebook will be in need of luggage, for sure. The rest could already be on summer vacation and armed with all the bags they require.

Imagine if that customer had the incentive to fill in much more information than their name and email address. The Open Enrollment module can collect full names, marital status, number and age of children and much more data. Using this information to create shareable content that is both engaging and appealing to current and potential new customers during your future campaigns is one of the greatest benefits of open enrollment.

At Incentive Solutions, we’ve created tools focused on the long game. We build loyalty programs to deliver long-term benefits. Every part of the process should support those goals instead of short-term successes, such as increasing enrollment numbers.

2. Customize Enrollment Forms to Collect the Most Relevant Data

It’s tough to convince customers to fill in their private information. Customers expect you to provide something of similar value for every data point they offer. Ask for too many details, and your prospect is likely to run screaming. They’ll wind up on a competitor’s site, and if the barrier for enrollment in lower, you’re likely to lose a customer. Right?

Not necessarily. There are two ways a customized enrollment form encourages the collection of more relevant, usable data without driving customers away.

First, you have to be careful about the type of information you request. Strip your forms down to the information that matters most to your business. Phone numbers are a frequent question on lead forms, but there are many situations where a phone number – data that requires a very high payoff to collect – won’t have much of an impact on your business.

Using the example of an online retailer selling luggage, the best information to collect might be when and where a customer traveled most recently. That’s also information customers will share easily. Why? Because it helps them feel interesting and important, and it doesn’t put their privacy at risk.

People love to talk about themselves! Facebook advertisers have cashed in with quizzes and other gamified methods of gathering data. They use this information to deliver the perfect ads at the ideal times. You can do the same when collecting information during loyalty program enrollment. Our Open Enrollment module makes it fast and easy to tailor forms for your business needs, therefore making this another of the best benefits of Open Enrollment.

3. Use Loyalty Program Enrollment Forms to Fill Gaps in Customer Data Collection

We designed our systems to allow the user complete control over access. You can make enrollment available to anyone online or restrict enrollment to those customers and supplier partners who meet your qualifications. While the right incentive programs can drive new relationships, they are also a superb opportunity to increase engagement with existing contacts.

Our module offers you specific benefits of Open Enrollment when dealing with known associates. Often, early lead generation tactics leave problematic gaps in the information you have on your clientele. You might start out gathering first names and email addresses only to discover the use of a last name makes a big impact on the success of your marketing programs.

Customize enrollment forms to capture this information. Fill in blanks you already know exist and improve the effectiveness of your marketing with new and existing clients.

Integrate the Benefits of Open Enrollment with Our Comprehensive Incentive Platform

At Incentive Solutions, we aren’t shy about sharing the benefits of Open Enrollment and additional programs. We’ve worked hard to create a robust solution for engaging customers and suppliers alike. Through a system of modules designed to work seamlessly together, your business can boost engagement and your bottom line.

For instance, when paired with our mobile application and gamification modules, engagement soars. Today’s consumers expect rewards for the simplest tasks. We’re able to create a method perfectly matched to your audience. Plus, Incentive Solution develops all our products in-house, so you won’t have to worry about integration hiccups.

Discover how the benefits of Open Enrollment can work for your business. Contact our team at Incentive Solutions to maximize your data collection today.

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About Luke Kreitner

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