Introducing V5: Giving Your Customers the Best Loyalty Program Software Experience Possible

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When it come to providing the best loyalty program software experience to your participants, nothing is more important than the online reward catalog shopping experience. After all, the reward shopping experience is the component of your loyalty program that builds loyalty, reinforces your brand, and helps you stand out from the competition.

However, there’s one small problem. When we went to market and did the research, we found that incentive platforms across the board were failing to deliver the B2C-style user experiences today’s customers expect. This year, when we released our V5 loyalty program software update, our focus was to bring the online shopping experience to the forefront and to give our clients the tools they need to reinforce their brand.

The V5 Update: The Best Loyalty Program Software Gets Even Better!

The V5 upgrade to our loyalty program software was designed to create a better user experience for participants and admins alike.

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Updates to Our Loyalty Program Software

In V5, participants enjoy a modernized shopping experience, which makes reward shopping and redemption more intuitive and appealing than ever. Additionally, we improved responsiveness and compatibility across all devices and internet browsers. We believe that the best loyalty program software should be accessible for all participants, no matter where they are!

On the admin side of things, we added new themes and layout options, as well as a streamlined design interface with a brand manager and a drag-and-drop editor. These tools improve time-to-launch for new programs and allow existing clients to quickly make any necessary changes to their loyalty program site. Lock and preview modes let loyalty program admins preview and test any changes they make to their site before pushing them live.

More Accessible Loyalty Program Data

Additionally, we updated the ‘My Account’ page, so that admins have additional controls to group, sort, filer, and export participant data. Big data is a competitive differentiator for B2B companies. Many manufacturers and distributors use their loyalty program as a source of customer data. With the V5 update, one of our priorities was to make that data even more accessible.

Based on client feedback that the 2019 BthruB Incentive Industry Thought Leadership Summit, data collection and reporting will continue to be one of our focuses moving forward. If you’re interested in learning more about the best loyalty program software and checking out the V5 update for yourself, give us a call!

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