Boosting Employee Satisfaction in 3 Simple Steps

by | Apr 5, 2011 | Employee Recognition

Boosting Employee Satisfaction in 3 Simple Steps

Employee satisfaction and employee morale are long-term issues for business owners. While during difficult economic times employees are asked to accept a heavier workload with less compensation, it’s easy to understand that their satisfaction level can fall.

Trends though, have demonstrated that it’s not only recession business struggles that take a toll on employee satisfaction levels, it can also relate to the employee’s personal circumstances. Due to the variety of causes of satisfaction and morale fluctuation, employers need to address the workplace environment.

Granted, there are those employers who feel employees need to ‘man-it-up,’ as part of the working environment ups and downs, but the majority of employers realize the benefits of enhancing employee satisfaction. For those who want to take steps to create a satisfying workplace environment, there are three simple steps that can be utilized.

Addressing Internal Optimism

An employer can boost an employee’s internal optimism simply by providing improved communication. Management should encourage open communication of ideas and concerns pertaining to company decisions. This type of workplace dynamics allows for employees to feel as if they are a part of the whole, rather than just a work cog; it enables them to feel valued and part of the decision-making process.

Improving Collective Employee Morale

Establishing a cooperative workplace environment can go a long way in increasing employee morale. Providing situations wherein employees work together on work-related projects, as well as office and/or company related objectives helps build a sense of unity and teamwork. It also fosters a “groupthink mentality.” One effective group project that might be initiated is a recycling program to improve the company’s ‘green being.’ Another option is to initiate a group art project that provides a calmer, happier, or sharper office setting. Both these strategies can provide long-term morale boosting affects.

John Marshall Roberts for adds his insight into the employee morale dilemma, “Fortunately, there’s a great antidote to all this deep muddy mind-madness — it’s called: ‘fun.’ Yes, when trying to inspire behavior change, a little fun can go a long, long way.”

Employee Recognition

Offering incentives and rewards that will distinguish an exemplary employee for his/her peers is an effective means of enhancing employee satisfaction. Providing recognition from management becomes a ‘homerun’ when that recognition is visible to all. HR World suggests creating an Employee Wall of Fame.

This type of strategy can be offered on a weekly, monthly, or even annually basis. And, the widespread message to all employees: work effort, productivity, and success results in recognition. Seeing his or her employee picture on an ‘honoree wall’ will most likely motivate that employee to continue a productive work level. It will also inspire other employees to follow suit and produce work that is worthy of ‘the wall.”

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