Incentive Rewards for a Brand Loyalty Program

by | May 11, 2016 | Loyalty Rewards

A brand loyalty program is a way to reward repeat customers for their continued business. Typically, you may think of it as a discount or credit for the products your company provides; however, not all businesses are conducive to providing such discounts. It may be you provide a specific product which is useable on a commercial level but wouldn’t serve well as a personal reward. Service-oriented businesses rather than those which sell a tangible product are especially well suited to using an outside brand loyalty program to show their appreciation for the continued and ongoing business provided by their valued clients.

Merchandise Catalog

Points to use toward products in a merchandise catalog are always appreciated as a brand loyalty program. According to your situation and the nature of your business, the catalog can hold what’s commonly known as company swag, small inexpensive items such as pens, coffee mugs, or t-shirts that everybody uses daily and hates to buy for themselves. Such items promote your company with a name or logo and show your appreciation for the business your clients provide. Catalogs for larger clients who spend large amounts of money on your services can hold more expensive items which seem to the client as a more generous gift than the actual price your bulk buying power is able to negotiate.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always appreciated as part of a brand loyalty program. A gift card for a common shopping destination or restaurant included with a birthday card, a nice greeting card during the holiday season, or even a celebratory card if you know a client has made a personal accomplishment will remind your client as to how much you truly appreciate their ongoing business.

Store Credit as a Brand Loyalty Program

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Store credit is perhaps the simplest brand loyalty program a company can offer if you provide an ongoing service or a product customers use on a regular basis. In addition to showing your appreciation of a customer’s loyalty, store credit provides the side benefit of assuring your customers always come back to you rather than trying a competitor’s product. Everybody appreciates an occasional discount and their continued loyalty is assured when they feel they’re saving money by using your company.

The well thought out use of incentive rewards as a brand loyalty program is a win-win situation for you and your customers. What may seem like a small gesture on your part shows your generosity and appreciation for the client and reminds them of why they like doing business with you. On the other hand, it assures they remain loyal customers.

There are plenty of rewards programs available according to the specifics of how you run your business, so contact a representative to discuss what would work best for you.

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