British Airways Offers Travel Contest Incentive for Small Businesses

by | Mar 1, 2011 | Reward Programs, Travel Incentives

Even with the economy in recovery mode, many companies are limiting and monitoring their travel incentive rewards programs. But, British Airways created their own customer incentive initiative.

To encourage air travel and give a boost to small businesses, British Airways recently conducted a contest. The 2010 Holiday contest, focusing on a customer loyalty program strategy, was open to small businesses of which 250 were awarded opportunities to conduct essential business meetings anywhere in the world.

“We are very excited for the 250 small business owners who, beyond the educational resources already provided through the Face-to-Face program, now have the opportunity to fly British Airways overseas to conduct vital face-to-face meetings for their business,” Simon Talling-Smith told”

To kick the contest up a notch, the airlines allowed the winning companies to compete for the British Airways travel grant. Three chosen companies were allowed to submit a business plan, at the British Airways Face-of-Opportunity conference in New York City, held on February 2, 2011, which will be used to choose a winner for the British Airways travel grant.

“Each of the winner’s stories is uniquely inspiring and our hope is that the program is a powerful catalyst in ensuring lasting and fruitful businesses for them,” notes Talling-Smith.

British Airways is using creative customer incentive strategies to enhance growth and globalize its new ventures. Providing customer travel incentives that allow for opportunities to pursue worldwide endeavors in a cost-effective manner will certainly establish long-term loyal customers.

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About Nichole Gunn

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