A Message to Our Clients: CEO & President Mark Herbert Announces Forum to Come

by | Apr 8, 2020 | B2B Loyalty, Incentive Solutions

As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to weigh heavily on the B2B industry, CEO and President Mark Herbert of Incentive Solutions offers a message of resiliency and connection. We are stronger when we work together, which is why Incentive Solutions is working to create a forum for its customers. By providing a space to discuss challenges and share ideas with both industry partners and ISI staff, we hope to emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever. Watch the video below to hear the complete announcement.


Hello, Mark Herbert, here. I hope you’re finding your groove in this new, work- from-home normal that we find ourselves in. I’m not sure my family likes having me here every single day, but we’re making the most of it, and I hope you are too.

I wanted to reach out to our customers who have previously attended one of our BthruB conferences and let you know that we are working on creating a forum where you’ll be able to discuss and share ideas with each other and our staff about your channel programs. While you’re all being affected by the current coronavirus situation, your channel partners are also being impacted as well. I believe your programs will play a vital part in getting this country back to work once this has all past.

We wanted to ensure that you had all the tools you needed to help bring your businesses back stronger than it was before we entered this mess. By spending some time now thinking of the strategies that it will take to get your channel re-engaged with your brand and how to leverage your program, you’ll be ready when it’s really time to get back to work.

Be on the lookout for an announcement on the BthruB forum, and in the meantime, if we can do anything to help you, let us know. Be safe, and know that we are still working to make your programs successful.

Thank you.

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