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by | Oct 31, 2011 | Corporate Health and Wellness

The foundation of every business is its employees. Savvy business owners realize this and take measures to ensure their workforce is provided with the necessary skills and tools to be productive. Business owners also know that having an effective corporate wellness program in place is also an essential component of a ‘well-oiled’ workplace.

LifeSpeak Inc. is a firm that understands the necessity of helping employees with professional and personal decisions that will better enable them to live fuller, healthier, and more satisfied lives, thereby enhancing workplace productivity. Striving to accomplish this, the firm’s focus is to offer North American businesses valuable information from “acclaimed experts.”

Taking their employee incentive program a step further, LifeSpeak recently announced the launch of a new mobile platform, LifeSpeak on Demand, specifically designed for the on-the-go workforce.

Realizing the upsurge of mobile devices and their use, LifeSpeak addressed the issue with a program that will deliver an expert video series directly to employees’ devices, no matter where they are. The videos will provide professional development and even health and wellness information.

This mobile ‘employee help’ strategy will benefit any company that has an incentive program in place. LifeSpeak on Demand provides videos and an audio library of over 350 training modules offered in podcast format or streaming video.

Direct Energy’s corporate manager, health, safety, wellness & environment Gloria Phibbs told, “Our employees have benefited greatly from the expertise and quality offered by LifeSpeak On Demand’s online library, helping us to expand our corporate wellness program to reach more of our employees across North America.”

Phibbs went on to say that this strategy will enable the mobile workforce, including technicians and installers, to access LifeSpeak On Demand anytime and anyplace, “at their ultimate convenience.”1 She added that LifeSpeak is a leader in this industry and is continually taking steps to update its products to be in line with technological advances.

According to the press release, LifeSpeak’s co-founder & chief executive officer Amiee Israel said, “With the launch of the mobile platform, LifeSpeak is addressing the ever-evolving needs of today’s workforce by allowing employees to access world-renowned experts at the touch of a button, 24/7, from wherever they want on all mobile devices.”

Along with LifeSpeak’s evolving incentive initiatives, there have been other technological advances within the incentive industry. A new mobile technology from Looping is geared toward loyalty programs. Using a mobile platform, it easily and effectively connects businesses with their customers, “free of environmentally disruptive factors.”

Executive producer of DEMO, Matt Marshall, noted, “Looping connects businesses with customers by empowering them to close the loyalty program information gap in an eco-friendly, creative and resourceful way.”

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