Carpet Manufacturer is Recognized for Effective Wellness Programs

by | Feb 14, 2011 | Corporate Health and Wellness, Incentive Programs, Reward Programs

Many businesses are taking the numerous studies to heart and acknowledging the benefits of wellness programs. And, it’s always satisfying if a company’s program is recognized  as effective and successful.

Well, Bentley Prince Street, a California-based carpet manufacturer, received a prized award from the California Task Force on Youth and Workplace Wellness. The company was given a Gold medal in honor of being a leader in innovative strategies and effective implementation of its employee wellness program.

The company’s employee wellness strategies encourage employees to attain a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise and other activities. In addition, the program also helps curb business healthcare expenses.

President of Bentley Prince Street Anthony Minite explained, “By having full-scale, individualized health, nutrition and fitness programs available for our associates here at work, we’re making it a little easier for them to have a healthy balance.” He added, “Our associates are the foundation for our success and by providing health and wellness education, we are not only improving the health of our associates, we are building a stronger company.”

What’s unique about Bentley Prince Street’s programs is the high percentage of employee participation. Contributing toward its participation rate is a 3,000 square foot gym and workout facility. Notably, 70 percent of the employees take advantage of the gym, and almost 100 percent take advantage of the company’s daily stretch and flexibility sessions.

With a successful employee participation rate, Bentley Prince Street is a prime example of an effective wellness program. In addition, the company also has a number of other wellness initiatives and incentive programs in place to make for a comprehensive strategy that fosters employee satisfaction, wellness, productivity, and loyalty.

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