Channel Sales Trip Incentives Prove Effective Motivators

by | Feb 2, 2011 | Channel Sales, Reward Programs, Sales Incentives

British telecommunications service provider Daisy, launched a channel sales incentive, Q4 ‘Mont Blanc Moments,’ in October 2010. The company jump-started the program with a partner day for dealers handling both Anglia Telecom and Fone Logistics.

Vital partners from each company joined in on the incentive in hopes of winning a ski trip in the Mont Blanc region of France. Partners that achieved “the highest volume of BlackBerry connections to the O2 network” along with “the highest percentage growth” would be winners.

The channel incentive also offers “awards in the categories of highest gross connectors, best small partners and most improved partners.”

The companies involved realize the support and loyalty the incentive programs provide. Anglia Telecom managing director Dave McGinn explained, “We are working extremely hard to affect the full integration of the two businesses and this event was an ideal way of demonstrating the business’ unity and commitment to its channel partners.”

“The aim of the day was to equip partners with insight, skills and support to maximise the opportunity presented by the BlackBerry smartphone and the exciting new interactive operating system,” noted Julien Parven, head of marketing for Anglia Telecom and Fone Logistics. He added, “The day provided us with 400 connection opportunities and opened up many more prospect discussions.”

Sales and the bottom line are affected by employee morale, and that includes partners. Channel incentives are effective tools that help foster an enhanced level of motivation for sales and business partners. Incentive programs are also a useful strategy for in-house sales teams, but as with the channel incentives they should be focused on loyalty and retention.

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About Nichole Gunn

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